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Apple developing 'tilt' technology for its devices

Apple has filed a patent for a technology that will detect abuse of a device. Specifically, the technology will detect if the device has been used (ex. opened) or exposed to an environment (ex. extreme heat/cold) that would void the warrantee. Detection of such an event would be stored in the device's memory to be read by an employee when the user brings there device in for service.

Like any technology, however, there is a chance that the detection system will malfunction, which could cost Apple money (if it fails to detect abuse) or the customer money and time (if it registers abuse when none occurred). Hopefully Apple will have service policies in place that allows their employees to intelligently service customers, and not simply rely on the detection technology: "Well, the computer says you abused it, so that's that."

(Of course, I suppose it is always possible that someone could hack the detection tech, causing it to always read OK.)

It would be great if this technology could be used not only by Apple to avoid having to service devices but by consumers as well to better diagnose and avoid problems with their devices. But somehow I don't expect that is Apple's intention.