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Facebook reverts to old TOS, plans to consult with users on next version

To follow up on Monday's post, Facebook has reverted to its old terms of service. Zuckerberg notes in the Facebook blog that they will be working with the user community on drafting the next set of terms of service:

Our next version will be a substantial revision from where we are now. It will reflect the principles I described yesterday around how people share and control their information, and it will be written clearly in language everyone can understand. Since this will be the governing document that we'll all live by, Facebook users will have a lot of input in crafting these terms.

Organizations make mistakes, despite the best efforts of everyone involved. What is important is that organizations realize when mistakes have been made and then take swift action to remedy the situation and figure out how to move forward. While I would have preferred Facebook to have understood their users' sense of ownership and control over their information, at least they appear to be learning from their mistake.