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Montreal transit co. set to use public funds to provide ad-friendly bus shelters

When I read about the STM's plans to build solar-powered bus shelters at a cost of $30,000 each, I figured the power would be used for lighting, heating, or ventilation (although when I think about it, you would need a lot of power to drive a heater...). Lighting is in the plans, but the power will be used primarily to sell ad space:

Blainville’s plan was to make their bus shelters self-financing, by using revenue generated from selling advertising in the shelters. For that they needed an energy source to illuminate the ads.

The total cost of the project is $14 million, which they expect to recoup from ad revenues in 10 years.

If all we get out of this are ads and a lit bus stop, this is a complete waste of the STM's money. If the STM is so hell-bent on throwing up ads on the bus shelters, then let some private ad company rent out the space and invest themselves in the lit panels. If it really is a good idea financially, then surely some good capitalist will step up with financing and a plan, no? Why should the public foot the bill to provide ad space on their own property?