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Went shopping tonight and picked up, among other things, my summer footwear.

For N. : 30 Odd Foot of Grunts

US Scientist Professor Mohamed Abou-Donia believes that he is close to finding the combination of chemicals that caused the Gulf War Syndrome in soldiers. In related news, scientists have also found brain damage in veterans suffering from Gulf War Syndrome.

Sciam looks at this year's Orwell Awards.

Feynmann on the atomic bomb and winning the Nobel Prize.

If you want to beat the FBI polygraph, clench.

UML modeler tool now free. Fill out a form and they'll mail you the CD. Cool.

The end of Moore's Law? : "The end of Moore’s Law has been predicted so many times that rumors of its demise have become an industry joke. The current alarms, though, may be different."