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The future is afoot...

There is now a drug to help you do away with the urge to shop.

Both c|net and BYTE run banner ads that require Windows Media Player to view them. Everytime I visit their sites, I get annoying pop-ups asking if I want to proceed with the 1MB download to view their ad. What's up with that? I doubt that streaming video falls within the size requirements of most banner ads. Sheesh!

Reaction to yesterday's announcement of the Smashing Pumpkin's breakup.

Another great article from Joel, this time addressing the problems faced by platform developers: "If you're in the platform creation business, you are probably going to suffer from what is commonly known as the chicken and egg problem. Nobody is going to buy your platform until there's good software that runs on it, and nobody is going to write software until you have a big installed base."

Red Herring looks at their top picks from 1999, and asks the question, "Where are they now?"