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Thanks to Ryan for this "Daily Hypermation":

"I, Edward , realize that there are far too many neat things and people and places on the Internet for me to follow even a fraction of them on a regular basis. I must remember to keep abreast of my own life before I attempt to keep abreast of the lives of 37 others, particularly when these 37 others are people whom I have never met. I realize that I am only one person, and there is a limit to the amount of information my brain will hold. I neither want nor need to consume input like that cracked out robot Johnny Five did in the movie Short Circut. I believe that that movie sucked. I realize that my body was not designed for straight 18 hour sessions of web-surfing. I promise to eat once in a while, and go to bed at a resonable hour so that I will not fail out of school and/or get fired from my job. Once each day, I will walk in the sunshine or visit a friend if I have one."

I laughed when I saw it. I almost cried when I read it. I'm wierd that way.