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weblogger gear: The eyemodule is an add on that turns your Handspring visor into a cheap digital camera.

From Compaq Research comes eTravel : "As part of the project we have developed a teleoperated robotic surrogate to visit remote locations as a substitute for physical travel. The surrogate has the appearance of its user in the approximate form factor of a person sitting in a wheelchair. Live video of the front and both sides of the user's head is displayed on the head of the surrogate. Multiple cameras in the head of the surrogate transmit high-resolution and wide-field live video of the remote location back to the user. The goal of the system is to provide both the user and the people they are visiting an experience similar to that of the user actually being in the remote location.

W3C stalls on XML standardization, which will in turn impact other specs like DOM. How long will vendors wait for this to be resolved before they charge forward with their own implementations? (via Edd Dumbill's Weblog)