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Blogger just blew away a post I had written up on how great a weekend I was having. I tried to post it, got a "page cannot be displayed" message, and "poof", the post is gone. Grrr...

Web-based apps suck. I have to remember that. Note to self: from now on, draft the post in text editor, and use Blogger only to post to site.

To give them credit, Blogger does do web-apps properly: you only need it to post. If Blogger goes "poof", then the only problem for you is that you have to go back to editing your pages by hand. Web apps like editthispage are much scarier. If Dave's servers give up the ghost, or he decides to fold the service, you are SOL: no site, no updates, no content, nothing (my knowledge of editthispage is weak, so this may no be true. All I know is that whenever there is a problem with Dave's servers, all the editthispage and weblogs.com sites are gone.

As I simmer in frustration, I'm listening to Rush's Grace Under Pressure.