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I agree with Aaron: that's about where I stopped reading as well. I'm referring to Vanessa's post.I also don't think it is fair to say that people should not be allowed to view their opinions simply because they are not speaking "high french" (or "high english" for that matter). I'm sure that a great many people watching the broadcast understood what they were saying.

Another thing: most Quebecers, regardless of their ethicity or mother tongue, peacefully coexist with one another. That is the reality. The politicians hate that, because it leaves them powerless to use fear and uncertainly to cajole the people to vote for them. They much prefer a polarized situation, where people are exisiting at extremes and are on the defensive, since it is then that they are most vulnerable to manipulation. Using offensive, racist language like "stupid frogs" helps push us to that more polarized position. Quite frankly, we can do without it.

The follow up post was quite ironic: "the point won't be taken seriously if you don't speak intelligently". Exactly.