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Earth Day is Evil?: "People think that environmentalism just means being for clean air and clean water -- and who could possibly be against these things? [...] In fact, we believe that environmentalists don't really care about clean air and clean water. Their real goal is to destroy technology and to subordinate mankind to nature.

The US government will not require companies to test or label genetically engineered foods.

This interview reminds me that I never got around to reading this paper on the social life of knowledge.

Barbelith posts his thoughts about the defacing of the Cenotaph war memorial in London during the anti-capitalist rmay day riots. I don't agree with his assessment that "Their protest is a reason unto itself - an expression of freedom," but it is an interesting topic for conversation.

Transmeta has a whitepaper on their site that describes how the Crusoe processor works.

Some thoughts on how to write user doc that the users will actually use.

How to use Visual Sourcesafe to manage your project code. Remember, configuration management is more then just installing a version control tool.