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It's late, and my brain is starting to fall asleep, so I'll get right to the post (mostly tech stuff). Next update will probably be Sunday night. Have a great weekend!

John Katz has posted a series of articles (part 1, part 2, and part 3) that discusses the effects and impact of flaming in online discussions. My friends and I spent a good deal of time last fall/winter discussing this very subject, and I think that these articles are well worth the read.

Two articles on Crusoe, a general overview and an excellent technical review.

This table summarizes just how cruddy Netscape is at implementing CSS1.

Making digital sweatshops lively.

Linux advocates have long pointed to the way that Windows handled DLLs as sign of the OS's crappiness. With Windows 2000, Microsoft announces the end of DLL hell.

The creator of Perl tells the story of Perl's creation. I also came across this great article on coding standards in context fo Perl, but applicable to any programming language.

Some thoughts on creating sitemaps.

An article on why voting can never be fair (hint: do the math).

Step-by-step overview of a hacker attack.