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The "big news" has broke, and most of you have probably heard by now. However, there's one more person I want to tell personally before posting it here, so be sure to check back tomorrow. I promise I'll have it up then.

BTW, GorGor has posted a most excellent review of Lord of the Rings over on the discussion groups at Karenworld. =)

Apple updates the iMac. My pick (and this would make a great birthday gift) is the new graphite model, with 400MHz, 128MB RAM, 13GB hard drive, DVD, 56k and 10/100 Ethernet built in, all for $1499 USD. What do you think? Has Apple finally put together a machine good enough to get you to buy one? Post your thoughts in the discussion groups.

MS announcing 100% compliance with HTML 4.0, CSS 1.0, and 90% DOM Level 1 compliance. Here's the positive response from the Web Standards Project, as well as some additional commentary.

MS fires a shot at Linux with it's page of Linux Myths. Here's the Slashdot thread on this issue. (You'll probably want to create a Slashdot account and set the threshold to at least 3 to filter out most of the junky messages.)

A financial analysis of Pixar.

Interview with one of the developers working on Dark Reign 2.

WOTC is set to release (Dec 1999) an AD&D adventure modeled after Diablo II.

The Internet Medieval Sourcebook is an excellent resource for anyone interested in that period. The selected sources section alone provides a wealth of information, and it is all well organized. There are also links to other similar sourcebooks, such as the Internet History of Science Sourcebook.

If that isn't enough reading for you, the Center for the Study of Intelligence has a bunch of formerly classified docs available for your perusal. Some, like Assessing the Soviet Threat: The Early Cold War Years, look pretty interesting.

Still not enough? Check out this Canadian studies site.

The post office is setting up a site where we'll be able to pay our bills elecronically. The only way this this going to work is if the post office can wrest electronic bill payment from the banks. Otherwise, we'll all just do all this stuff via our banks.

Brainharvest: I'm sure this is a piece of fiction, but it's worth a look if only for the entertainment value. (Tks to Bill for the link)