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Just time for a few quick updates

I was about to launch into the work that I brought home when I thought I'd take a few minutes to make a few more changes to my site.

I've been wanting to put together an issue tracking database for some time now, and this weekend, I found myself with Sunday all to myself. So I decided to reacquaint myself with MS Access and throw together a small database app to do the job. What should have been a simple programming task turned out to be a bit of a hair-pulling experience as I struggled with the online help to figure out the details of what I needed to do. While I did get the app working, I ended off the day promising myself to pick up a book on Access and get hardcore. I've updated my Projects page accordingly, adding in a few more apps that I need to pick up as well.

On a different topic, I've recently been checking out some of the amazing and horrible things people have been doing with Flash on the web. I'd love to use it on more of my projects, but there is always the plug-in issue that makes it less then ideal. That may change, though. Macromedia has recently released the results of an independent survey that reports that Flash has a major penetration into the market. Tomorrow, I sign up my team for Flash training. =) For now, I've added a link at the bottom of the page for people to go and download the Flash player. In the near future I'll put together a list of must-see flash sites just in case you need more convincing!

Broodwars is moving along. I took a long time yesterday to clear out a tough level. Mines, turrets, and ghosts with lockdown capability. Yuck. 25 more levels to go. Now I'm faced with one of those multi-race missions (protoss/zerg) which I dislike immensely. What's worse: still no movie. I guess since it's only an expansion, there will only be 2 movies for each race campaign, if that. Oh well, still a blast. I wonder if I'll ever get back to Baldur's Gate...?