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PM believes everything he reads in the paper

Globe: Iran summons Canadian envoy:

The spokesman refused to say what was discussed at the meeting. However, it came days after Mr. Harper criticized Iran over a National Post report that quoted Iranian exiles as saying Iran's conservative parliament was debating a draft law that would force Jews, Christians and other non-Muslims in the country to wear special patches of coloured cloth to distinguish them from Muslims.

Iranian officials have denied that any such provision existed.

The Post said Wednesday it is now clear that last week's story was not true and apologized for the report, saying the newspaper should run more checks before publishing the article.

I've never been a big fan of the Post, but for our PM to comment on a news story without proper verification is irresponsible, especially given the international political climate surrounding Iran. It leaves Harper looking like a dupe on a soapbox at Tim's, harping about something he read in the paper. I thought he had staff who checked these things for him?