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Joe Clark on WCAG 2

To Hell with WCAG 2:

In an effort to be all things to all web content, the fundamentals of WCAG 2 are nearly impossible for a working standards-compliant developer to understand. WCAG 2 backtracks on basics of responsible web development that are well accepted by standardistas. WCAG 2 is not enough of an improvement and was not worth the wait.

In this detailed article, Joe Clark gives a the WCAG 2 a big thumbs down. Fortunately, guidelines that are difficult to follow and that neglect the realities of the domain in which they are to be applied will not, unless they are made into laws, be followed.

Joe C. advocates updating WCAG 1.0, and has started a group which intends to do just that. Its a closed group, but if they produce something that is truely useful to developers (and more important, to users who rely upon accessible web sites), I think it will be a good thing.