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Our burden

Filipino anger remains over reprimand of boy:

The Filipino community requested the meeting after a teacher in Roxboro apparently reprimanded a Grade 2 boy for using a fork and spoon to eat his lunch, instead of a fork and knife. Luc Cagadoc, 7, is from the Philippines, and his mother argues that's the way people eat there. The incident sparked outrage both here and in the Philippines.

CBC radio this morning was saying that the boy was "punished," which is quite different from repremanded.

Schools have always been a powerful agent for transmitting social and cultural norms to new generations. I would assume that schools in the Philippines transmit their local culture to the children studying there. Similarly, it should come as no surprise for a school located here to transmit local cultural norms, to help children to integrate and participate in society.

So what are people upset about?