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Brin/Google does not like being taken to task

Nicholas Carr's describig an exchange that took place during Google's Press Day:

Some French wiseguy asked whether Google wasn't being a bit of a hypocrite in attacking Microsoft for adding a search box to its browser, and Brin got all shirty. Displaying a very unGoogley surliness (anger, like irony, is banned in the 'Plex), he snapped, "We just certainly see the history with that particular company, Microsoft, behaving anti-competitively, being a convicted monopoly and not necessarily playing fair in other situations - like Netscape and whatnot - so I think we want to focus early on and make sure that we at least are looking at the areas where perhaps power can be abused." It harshed the buzz for a moment, but Brin calmed down quickly and was soon praising Google (and himself) for being non-evil and generally making the world a nicer place.