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Deal for new metro cars to be annouced soon

Bombardier gets metro deal:

Economic Development Minister Raymond Bachand and Transport Minister Michel Despres will reveal in Montreal today that Bombardier Transportation Inc. has been awarded the $1.2-billion contract to build 336 new metro cars for Montreal without tenders.

Generally, I think this is a good thing, not only to get new metro cars, but to see the public funds being reinvested in the province. Not everyone agrees:

The company made the case that the province could save money by not calling for public tenders, a position contested by Karl Moore, a McGill University management professor, who says competition ensures the best price. "That's Economics 101," he told The Gazette.

Best price, but at what cost?

Now that I'm starting to pay more attention to these things, I'm finding that I tend to take a (moderate) protectionist perspective on these things. I think that people (and by extention, their governments) should be allowed to invest locally, even if this means making a tradeoff on price. However, I think we may have given up that right when we signed on to NAFTA and the WTO.